A Breakthrough in the Fields of Medicine, Education, and Photography Made Possible by Innovation

Have you ever wondered what microorganisms look like up close and personal? Do you want to have the image of your blood cells captured on a photo? Do you want to share the images from your microscope to your friends? Now you can. The available technology today has made it possible to merge the use of smartphones and microscopes. We bring you Sky Light Scope. It is a camera adapter that you can attach to your smartphones to help you see things which were previously unseen by the naked eye. For those who use the microscope, you can attach the Sky Light Scope camera adapter to your microscope to capture the microscopic images on your screen.

The Sky Light Scope camera adapter is an important breakthrough in the fields of medicine, education, and photography. Images from the microscope can now be captured on smartphones and be sent to the concerned medical practitioners for immediate and proper diagnosis. Teachers can now share what they see in the microscope with the rest of the class through the use of this camera adapter. It is a fun and interesting way to learn about living things and other stuff. Photographers can now enjoy taking photos of small images and share them with the rest of the world.
Now, there is no more need to buy many units of microscope which come in a rather expensive amount. There is no more need to wait for your turn to use the microscope in your school’s laboratory for you to see what your teacher wants the class to see. There is no more need to wonder what those little organisms look like. We have tweaked the use of today’s smartphones to allow users to use them as a microscope. Yes, you can now see those microscopic organisms by simply connecting this device to your smartphone. Its powerful lens will make it possible for you to see those organisms which are invisible to the human eye. See the world in a whole new light. Be aware of the little stuff that is present in our surroundings, body, in the food we eat, the water we drink, and many other surfaces. You can even inspect what organisms lurk on the surface of your dining table or on your garage door in Kansas City. Yes, it’s good to realize that it is a small world after all.

Sky Light Scopes are useful devices produced by Wired Gadget Laboratory to help more people have access to a microscope and the microscopic world. These devices are available in our online store. If you want to purchase them, just fill up our order form and proceed to the payment instructions. Please be advised that shipping fee will be shouldered by the buyer. We accept credit and debit cards, Paypal, and mobile wallet payments.
Get your own Sky Light Scope camera adapter today. We promise to change your perspective of the world. Let your eyes see beyond the ordinary.